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  • Airport transfer (additional fees).
  • Washing and airing of yacht.
  • Running engine & generator.
  • Checking bilges, keeping them dry continuously.
  • Checking water leaks.
  • Checking batteries and battery charger output.
  • Charging batteries by plugging in shore power cables.
  • Checking mooring lines & fenders.
  • A complete navigation system check.
  • Washing of decks, rinsing and drying of hatches and stainless steel polishing.
  • Re-filling of gas bottles and water tanks (additional fees).
  • Dinghy check.
  • Laundry services (additional fees).
  • Interior cleaning (additional fees).


  • Inspection of upholstery, removing from board, cleaning and repairing (additional fees for repairing).
  • Inspections, cleaning, repairing and storage of sails.
  • Washing  and storage of all ropes and stowed away correctly.
  • Inspection and storage of outboard engine and dinghy.


  • Refit.
  • Hull and deck polishing.
  • Teak cleaning.
  • Polyester and gelcoat repairs.
  • Service for safety equipment.
  • Service of bow thruster.
  • Service of diesel engine.
  • Service of generator.
  • Service of electrical equipment.
  • Service of outboard.
  • Service of toilets.
  • Service of windlass.
  • Service of winches.
  • Service of deck hardware.
  • Service of rudder system.
  • Service of sails.
  • Service of rigging and adjustment.
  • Replacement of anodes.
  • Service of sea valves.
  • Service of shaft and propelller
  • Service of pumps and filters